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The Irrigation Contractor Exam Study GuideThe Irrigation Contractor Exam Study Guide

Announcing the publishing of The Irrigation Contractor Exam Study Guide.

C.Pine Associates, Inc., in collaboration with K. Thompson and Associates, LLC.

The study guide is written to help candidates prepare to take the Irrigation’s Certified Irrigation Contractor Exam, the state licensing exams which are based on that exam(e.g. New Jersey, North Carolina), or other irrigation contractor exams requiring a broad base of business, regulatory and technical knowledge. This study guide is meant as a companion piece to the Irrigation Contractor Workbook by the Irrigation Association (IA), but is especially effective when used wtih the two day Irrigation Contractor Training course licensed or provided by the IA. It contains over 300 self-study questions based in the IA’s workbook and over 200 sample exam-style questions that are similar to the multiple choice style of many exams. The guide is filled with hints and recommendations on how to study and how to prepare for a written exam.

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