About C.Pine Associates

C.Pine Associates, Inc. was formed in late 2005 to provide positive solutions to the needs of the green industry. We rely on decades of education and experience from our staff in the contracting, design, distribution and manufacturing channels of the business. Much of our focus is supporting quality manufacturers with exceptional marketing and sales representation of their products.

However, we do things a little differently. We recognize that strong relationships and a positive reputation are one of the most important tools in getting products established and growing sales in the markets we service.

How do we build those relationships and our reputation? In addition to providing consistent, reliable service, we are a resource relied on to provide education and training services to improve professional and business skills in our industry. We can provide expert consulting to our manufacturers, distributors and contractors for specific projects and water management services, as well.

When you need positive results and solutions in the green industry, C.Pine Associates will deliver.