Certified Irrigation Designer Course

This course is developed to assist those preparing to earn IA’s Certified Irrigation Designer certification by providing local and web accessible group learning opportunities and individually guided learning. Certification exam opportunities will be provided locally, as well as guidance for testing center examinations. The goal is for the participant to successfully prepare and complete at least three examinations required to earn their certification before March 15, 2016. The course will be set up for either local, in person participation or remote, web based access and participation.

CID Overview

CIDs establish specifications and design drawings for landscape irrigation projects. CIDs:

  • Evaluate site conditions and determine water availability and use requirements.
  • Select the most effective irrigation equipment, methods and materials for the application.
  • Develop efficient and cost effective irrigation designs that meet the plant’s watering requirements.
  • Prepare comprehensive plans and specifications that include construction details, equipment or materials, as well as appropriate irrigation schedules.
  • Ensure the installation matches the design intent.
  • Provide direction to the end user on system use, scheduling and maintenance.

CID-Landscape Specialties

  • Commercial irrigation
  • Golf course irrigation
  • Residential irrigation

This course is designed and taught by Chris Pine, CID, CIC, CLWM, CLIA, CIT, MCLP, CLVLT, president of C. Pine Associates, Inc., a firm providing sales management, training and consulting services for the Green Industry. Chris is a former landscape and irrigation contractor, has earned many certifications in the irrigation, landscape and landscape lighting industries and is a regarded trainer, consultant and speaker.

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