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Irrigation Designer Exam Preparation Course

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This course is designed to help prepare for the IA CID certification  step 1, 2 and 3 exams.

Course overview:

  • Evaluate site conditions and determine water availability and use requirements.
  • Select the most effective irrigation equipment, methods and materials for the application.
  • Develop efficient and cost effective irrigation designs that meet the plant’s watering requirements.
  • Prepare comprehensive plans and specifications that include construction details, equipment or materials, as well as appropriate irrigation schedules.
  • Ensure the installation matches the design intent.
  • Provide direction to the end user on system use, scheduling and maintenance.

Required study materials:

Principals of Irrigation 3rd edition available for purchase here.

Irrigation 6th Edition available for purchase here.



Step 2 & 3 Exam Preparation

White Board Notes Attachment Please review these practice questions and answers once you complete watching the presentation. Wiring Practice Questions  Math practice questions & answers