EZflow French Drain System

What is a French Drain System?
A French drain, which may also be called a curtain drain, perimeter drain, weeping tile, or agricultural drain, is a gravel-filled trench that includes a perforated or slotted
pipe. These drains are used to direct surface water or ground water away from a specific area, such as a home’s foundation. French drains direct surface level water
toward the lowest point and allow it to seep through the surf ace level gravel into the drain.
A light weight and all-in-one drainage solution, EZflow requires no gravel. Polystyrene aggregate completely surrounds the outside of a drainage pipe, providing a consistent in infiltrative area for the absorption and removal of water. Uniform size and shape of the aggregate delivers optimal permeability.
  • Installs in half the time of traditional gravel systems
  • Better flow capacity than traditional stone-and-pipe systems
  • Up to H-10 load rating with 12″ of compacted soil cover
  • Over 100 million linear feet installed
EZflow provides exceptional performance for a variety of applications
  • Retaining Walls
  • Foundation and Footing Perimeter Drains
  • Landscape Drains
  • Sports Fields
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